GC Hujra Shah Muqeem

Some memories and impressions

Whenever I get lost in the magic of the charming valleys of college life,those days go by again and again and I smile alone.As a student of Government Post Graduate College,Hujra Shah Muqeem,I proud that God Almighty gave me the opportunity to study in such a college. The faculty of the college is highly commendable,hardworking,adaptable,empathetic and collaborated.Each teacher had a unique feature.In the college,the faculty teach academic as well as the mental and social reform of the students.All teachers are like a bouquet of flowers and this bouquet is a gift from God.The college building and the flower beds in its courtyard were admired.The only reason for me to leave home early for college was to talk to the flowers in the pleasant atmosphere.After arriving at the college and to learn a lesson of humility from the leaves of the tree and the bent branches.I love this institution more than Government College University.May Allah keep this institution inhabited. Ameen